Technology of popularization and development of experience in the organization of reconciliation service (mediation) in educational organizations

Today, the Aktobe branch of professional Development “Orleu” hosted an online seminar on the topic: “Technology of popularization and development of the experience of organizing a reconciliation service (mediation) in educational organizations.”

The seminar was held in order to implement the Government Decree (Roadmap) on strengthening the protection of children’s rights, countering domestic violence and addressing issues of suicidality among adolescents for 2020-2023 and organizing mediation reconciliation services in educational institutions. The participants got acquainted with the goals, functions, procedures and stages of mediation organization and conflict resolution technologies. Coach, professional mediator Raeva M.S. she paid special attention to improving the practice of teachers in matters of mediation competence and answered all the questions of the listeners.

At the end of the work, the participants provided feedback and expressed gratitude to the organizers of the seminar.

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