Collaboration for continuous professional development of teachers

Integration processes taking place in the modern pedagogical community help to form a single educational space. Such transparency contributes to the dissemination of more effective practices in educational organizations.

9.02.2022 a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the director of the branch A. Murzalinova and the head of the Lyceum E. Konyrbayev between the North Kazakhstan branch “Orleu” and the director of the regional boarding school for gifted children “bilim-innovation”.

Within the framework of the memorandum, a joint action plan for 2022 was approved. Joint work on the implementation of this plan will allow organizing the dissemination of the experience of boarding school-Lyceum “bilim-innovation” to the practice of general education schools, developing joint innovative projects, scientific and methodological workshops.

The plan includes 8 joint events, including specialized issues of the projects “informal education with progress” and “lessons in partnership with progress and education-innovation”.

This memorandum is a significant contribution to the continuous professional development of teachers of North Kazakhstan region.

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