In the branch of JSC «National Center for Advanced Training «Orleu» Institute of Advanced Training in Almaty 2022. On April 7, an international online seminar on «Methods of working with tasks in the primary school lesson» was held. The seminar was organized by the senior lecturer of the institute Kaidakova Victoria Yuryevna. L.G. Natalia Vladimirovna Kigel, Head of the Department of Interaction with Regions of the Peterson System-Action Pedagogical Institute and primary school teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Problems of overcoming difficulties experienced by children while working with different tasks during the seminar; types of tasks assigned in primary school; In the educational process, the issues of logic and consistency of implementation of tasks were taken into account. “Text task”, definitions of classification of text tasks, modeling of tasks, features of working with them, principles of action technology teaching method.

At the end of the seminar, participants thanked them for organizing a meaningful seminar, sharing best practices and providing methodological support.

The instructor of the institute, V. Kaidakova organizes a series of monthly seminars for primary school teachers. Attend an important event and expand your professional experience.

«Orleu» Almaty

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