The third day together with “Orleu”

In the Teacher’s House in North Kazakhstan region, the third day there are refresher courses for teachers in FULL-time format. For us, the return to face–to-face training is an opportunity to further explore and resolve the difficulties of teachers in the content of specific academic subjects. This is also facilitated by the opportunity to exchange experience between teachers in a live discussion, collaboration in group work, presentation of oneself as a professional….

How to make face-to-face classes even better? – the issue is constantly worrying the management of the Branch. Therefore, on a permanent and systematic basis, not only mutual visits of classes by trainers are conducted to exchange the most effective teaching practices, but also visits by the Branch administration and members of the Quality Council.

Attending classes at PC courses for teachers of mathematics, English and Russian languages confirm that teachers have missed live human communication, academic atmosphere and educational collaboration. Classes in all groups are distinguished by the activity of teachers in discussions, performing practical tasks, defending individual and group works.

And behind the scenes – filling out observation protocols, assessing the compliance of classes with the required criteria, making recommendations for improvement, monitoring the results obtained.

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