Teaching chemistry teachers based on modern pedagogical design

On April 25 to May 6, on the basis of the branch of the North Kazakhstan branch of “Orleu”, distance training courses for chemistry teachers of the “RACHOO” were held.

During the course preparation, topical issues of chemistry education were considered:

How to effectively design a lesson on complex Chemistry course topics: “Theory of acids and bases. Equilibrium of ionic solutions. Solutions of electrolytes”, “Kinetics. The rate of chemical reaction”, etc.?

How to use active and interactive teaching methods in chemistry lessons?

How to use B. Bloom’s taxonomy to compile tasks for formative assessment?

How to develop students’ research skills? Through what methods and techniques of teaching?

At the courses , the chemistry teachers of the NIS KHBN shared their experience . Petropavlovsk: Ivanova N.V., Sheiko T.A.

The more teachers understand how teaching takes place and how they can improve their teaching practice, the more they contribute to the effectiveness of teaching.

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