New issue of the journal «Pedagogical search»

The long-awaited issue of the periodical Orleu–SKO – “Pedagogikalyk izdenis” has been released.

 The head of the Education Department of the city of Petropavlovsk Dinara Rakisheva presented a capacious and solid preface to this issue.

The materials of the issue are a summary of the achievements of teachers of the North Kazakhstan region for 30 years of Independence of our country.

 So in the year of the 30th anniversary of Independence of our country, the Department for Quality Assurance in the field of education of the North Kazakhstan region celebrated its 10th anniversary. For the first time in Kazakhstan, a territorial body was created that performs an external assessment of the activities of educational organizations. A significant contribution to improving the quality of education was made by veterans of the DOXO of the North Kazakhstan Region.

The Saltanat Kindergarten, which opened its doors for the first time 30 years ago, also celebrated its anniversary.

 Teachers born from December 1991 to December 1992 grew and developed together with their country.  More than 30 teachers from all districts of the region presented their essays under the heading “Peers of Independence: on the way to professional development”. 

A significant part of the publications of the issue are materials of the participants of seminars on generalization of experience. Such placement confirms our constant post-course communication with teachers in the “Orleu” professional development system.

The practical component of the issue is the qualitative development of the lessons of subject teachers of the North Kazakhstan Region.

The category “Contests” reflects the bright, intense moments of the events held by the Branch over the past 3 months: the regional competition of professional skills and effective mentoring “Pedagogical Duo”, the regional Festival “Zhuzden Zhuirik”, dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the Branch. Altynsarina, 175th anniversary of Zh.Zhabaeva, regional competition “Onegeli ustaz”.

 We thank the authors from among the teachers, heads of educational institutions. We are waiting for new materials that professionally saturate the information and educational environment.

Electronic version of the fourth issue

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