Field practical classes are the core of teaching teachers at the courses

The principal “feature” of the “Orleu” courses is their practical and applied nature, based on the flexible integration of theory and practice.

Such integration is met by field practical classes (VPZ) provided by the educational program of courses in the branches of “Orleu”.

In Orleu-SKO, course preparation in the traditional format (face to face) began on March 9.   

As of April 11 of this year, 275 teachers have passed and are undergoing budgetary course training. 

During this time, 86 hours of VPZ have passed on the basis of the following educational institutions of Petropavlovsk and North Kazakhstan region:

Nursery-garden “Altyn Besik” (Darbaeva Madina Tanzharbaevna). Nursery-garden “Batyr” (Aredakova Irina Yuryevna).

Beskolskaya secondary school no .2 Kyzylzhar district (Batanova Botagoz Kenesovna).

Secondary schools No. 4 (Bustekova Gafura Sabyrovna), No. 7 (Kiloeva Natalie Vasilyevna), No. 9 (Bulatbekova Saule Kabievna), No. 25 (Tursynova Saule Nurgalievna).

The first gymnasium (Natalia Yurievna Bukatova). Regional Specialized Boarding School for Gifted children named after Abu Dosmukhambetov (Bakirov Yerzhanat Rymgalievich). Specialized boarding school “Bilim-Innovation” (Konyrbayev Yerlan Serikbayevich). NIS KHBN (Ualiev Daniyar Serikovich).

During the VPZ, students of the courses: 1) saw the resources and mechanisms for introducing the innovations being mastered into the specific practice of specific educational institutions; 2) observed the training of motivated children and the teaching of motivated teachers; 3) discussed together with fellow practitioners and course teachers what, for what purpose and how to change; 4) noticed how the educational institution “lives and breathes” institution: chips, strengths / weaknesses, style features, life hacks; 5) modeled ways to constructively improve their own practice.

As you can see, VPZ gives a lot if the students of the courses are inquisitive and inquisitive people, the practical teachers are real professionals, the teachers of the courses are masters of their craft, “sharpened” for the result.

Considering what has been achieved, I express my heartfelt gratitude to the managers and teachers of the practice bases – for responsibility and professionalism, a warm welcome, and the ability to generously share best practices.

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