Integrated approaches in correctional and developmental work

In accordance with the Joint Activity Plan of the National Center “Orleu” for East Kazakhstan Region with the Department of Education, a regional webinar on the topic was held on April 12, 2022: “Integrated approaches in correctional and developmental work with children with special educational needs”, where more than 300 teachers of the region took part.

During the webinar, the effective experience of creating, managing and implementing a system of integrated approaches in the correctional and developmental work of educators, psychologists, speech pathologists, speech therapists, music director and physical therapy instructor of KSU “Rehabilitation Center for Children with special educational Needs” with children with special educational needs is presented.

Akhmadieva S. K., director of the rehabilitation center, focused the participants’ attention on the specifics of the work, as well as the main regulatory documents, programs according to which the center’s staff works.

The complex of video classes aroused great interest among the participants.

At the end of the seminar, the participants noted the relevance of this topic and the relevance of seminars for teachers working in primary schools within the framework of inclusive education.

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