Partnership lesson in collaboration

In accordance with the plan of cooperation with the regional specialized Lyceum “bilim-innovation” for gifted children, the branch of JSC “NCPC” Orleu” within the framework of the project of the Institute of professional development of North Kazakhstan region “lessons in the partnership of Orleu and schools” together with the history teacher Zhumagalieva Zhadyra Sarybayevna and Coach of North Kazakhstan region “Orleu” Musetayeva Gulmai Nasievna held an open lesson on the history of Kazakhstan in the 9th grade on the topic “economic development of Kazakhstan since 1997”. The lesson was attended by 25 teachers of schools of the region and subject teachers of the Lyceum “bilim-innovation”. On the basis of the theme and purpose of the lesson, it was combined with the value of educating an active, independent citizen who understands the need for effective economic solutions and strategies for the population.

In addition, based on the organization of group work with students, analytical work was carried out at a high level of thinking skills. In particular, in 4 groups, 3 main issues on the topic were described: the economic growth of Kazakhstan, which began in 1997, in the areas of industry, agriculture, and trade.  He worked on the analysis of achievements and difficulties in the economy. The students were able to work on the analysis of terms using the proposed approach “SWOT”, working with maps, “chamomile”, linking the difficulties in the economy with global processes, showing a sympathetic attitude to the national product.

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