Online meeting  with the head of a rural school

In Kostanay branch of “Orleu”, while considering  the topic “Development of management  skills, leadership, time management, motivation, planning, and teaching and learning” a practical  online  lesson was held by  the head of  Barvinovskaya comprehensive school in  Sarykol district Yulia Leskevich.

Yulia  Leskevich, experienced head  of a rural school, had online meeting with learners  of advanced training courses to answer hot questions.

There was a very interesting  and informative conversation about mentoring and developing  beginning teachers, about weaknesses and strengths of  a modern teacher, about   his/ her self-organization and professional burnout.

As  part  of  the theme of  the advanced training course “Methodology for teaching subjects in combined class-sets of small schools,” Yulia Leskevich shared her experience with learners.  Barvinovskaya  comprehensive  school is a small school,  it has two partner – schools – primary and secondary,  it is the main one for providing assistance and support on MKSh issues .

The participants of  the online meeting  got acquainted with an interesting person and an experienced leader and  also received a lot of practical advice for the development of management skills, leadership, and motivation.

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