Development of digital competencies of teachers

According to the plan “Aktobe – Orleu”  on January 12, 2022, a regional seminar on “Development of digital competencies of teachers” was organized.

The seminar was attended by subject teachers, primary school teachers, educators of preschool organizations.  The seminar covered the methods of using digital technologies in the educational process, improving the quality of education with the help of digital technologies, improving the professional competence of teachers in the field of assessment of student achievement.

Practical work was carried out with applications developed by, Formulator Tarsia, Wordwall didactic game templates and Padlet interactive whiteboard.  Work with Quizizz test developers to support the introduction of mathematical formulas, the integration of images and audio files, and the use of a user-created library.

At the end of the workshop, colleagues gave oral and written feedback on the Padlet board and expressed their gratitude.

The seminar also included an Olympiad to determine the level of digital competence of teachers.

Olympiad winners will be awarded with diplomas and certificates, participants will be awarded with certificates.

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