Learning in playing and playing in Learning

The content of the PQ course «Development of game competence of preschool teachers» held at the Institute of Professional Development in the Karaganda region in the period from October 3 to October 13, 2022 was aimed at implementing the «learning through play» approach.

The course revealed the features of children’s games, the mechanisms of its development, the variety of its forms and manifestations. The students also got acquainted with the principles and methods of pedagogical support of the game and the creation of a subject-spatial developing environment and conditions for the formation and development of the game.

As part of the field practical classes organized on the basis of the «Duman» kindergarten in Karaganda, the students mastered the skills of analyzing the game activity of preschoolers and gained experience in modeling games and game plots.

During the reflection of the courses, teachers noted the importance of following the interests of the child, building a daily routine based on the activities chosen by the child, not limited to the pre-planned actions of the teacher.

Kantarbayeva Zh.E., senior lecturer of the department social and humanitarian content of education

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