Effective use of ICT in teaching the Kazakh language and Kazakh literature

On September 13, 2022, a regional workshop for teachers of the Kazakh language and literature on the topic “Effective use of ICT in teaching the Kazakh language and Kazakh literature” was held at the Akhmet Baitursynov linguistic gymnasium by senior teacher, M. P. N., coach A. S. Sugurbayeva.
The purpose of the seminar: to raise the level of awareness of society by demonstrating their own experience in order to form a competitive personality capable of quickly processing and using the information needed in the period of globalization.
In the theoretical part, G. Zh. Matenova, G. A. Amantayeva read reports on increasing students’ interest in classes in the Kazakh language and literature and the use of new information technologies, and also touched upon the issues of the formation of a child as a subject through gaming technologies.
In the practical part of the school teachers Sadykova I. K., Doshniyazova K. O., Nurmanova A. B., Zhakupova Zh. A., Mambetrzayeva S. B., Skak L. A., Uteuliev K. K., Uzakova N.S. conducted trainings, open lessons. They showed in practice how to effectively use digital technologies in teaching the Kazakh language and literature.
In general, the use of digital resources increases children’s awareness and opens up new opportunities.
In their feedback, the course participants noted the practice-oriented format of the seminar and thanked the teachers, the organizers of the school for their professionalism and the atmosphere of cooperation.

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