Open dialogue with teachers

Today, in “Orleu-Aktobe” together with the Department for Quality Assurance in the field of Education of the Aktobe region, a meeting with the pedagogical community in offline and online modes was organized (coverage – 180 teachers).
The trainees of the advanced training courses had the opportunity to ask questions and get specific answers from G.A. Sarsengalieva, the head of the Department for Quality Assurance in the Aktobe region, who updated the main activities of the Department. ​
Explanatory work was carried out on the adoption of specific measures on the ground to identify violations of the rights of teachers, students and the parent community. Recommendations were given on joint work on ensuring the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of students and families with various social categories, as well as strengthening work with parents, improving the quality of education.
The participants of the meeting expressed gratitude to the head of the Department for Quality Assurance Gulnar Akmurzievna for the opportunity to have a face-to-face dialogue. Work in this direction will continue.

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