A unique video archive was presented to local historians of the region 

On March 9, 2022, the head of the contrast firm, Yu.V. Demin, met with teachers of local lore of the region and the administration of the Teacher’s House. As part of the social partnership, the entrepreneur decided to make a generous gift to the Mangilik El cabinet. For a number of years, Yuri Vladimirovich has been making films about the history of our region, about its culture and traditions. His video library has more than 30 high-quality original films. Bul bai beine muragatty Yu. V. Demin Oblystyn olketanushylaryna ony sabaktarda zhane synyptan thousand is-sharalarda keninen paidalanu usin beredi. Thus, the only author’s video library in the region appeared in the Teacher’s House, which we offer to teachers of literature, geography, history, as well as to everyone who carries out civil patriotic education. The teachers thanked the author of local history films for a wonderful gift, the administration handed Yu.V. Demin a letter of thanks, and then to the office.

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