Current professional development programs for preschool teachers

Representatives of JSC NCPC “Orleu”, CPM JSC “NIS” and the Institute of Early Development of Children of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan united on March 14 at the ZOOM site to get acquainted with new educational programs for advanced training of teachers of preschool education and training.

To the participants of the webinar, the director of the IECD, M.E. Adamova, revealed the uniform requirements for advanced training courses for teachers of preschool education in 2022, conducted by JSC “NCPC “Orleu” and CPM JSC “NIS”. The programs of the advanced training course for teachers of preschool organizations are focused on the development of their professional competencies in accordance with the requirements of the Preschool Education and Training Model.

The developers of educational programs (Ibragimova G.K., Tanirbergenova A.Sh.) noted that as part of the course training of teachers, an interactive mode of mastering the program modules has been laid down to strengthen the connection of the content with their practical professional tasks.

Current methodological recommendations, didactic materials, regulatory documents are collected in the “Course Student’s Portfolio” for further use by teachers of preschool organizations in the workplace.

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