Improving the teacher’s skills

On March 16, 2022, a master class on “rational use of the creative potential of a teacher” was held in the Orleu branch of North Kazakhstan region within the framework of the project “rural school – the cradle of the country”.

The purpose of the master class is to raise the status of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature, support creative teachers and disseminate innovative and effective experience.

The master class aimed at the implementation of the project” rural school – the cradle of the country “was attended by the head of the laboratory for the development of rural schools and small schools of the National Academy of Education named after I. Altynsarin, candidate of philological Sciences A. N. Mukusheva, deputy director for scientific and methodological work of the public fund” Kyzylzhar Abay secondary school”, Kyzylzhar District G. K. Kainetova and representatives of the regional specialized boarding school for gifted children-innovation”, which signed a memorandum with the branch of North Kazakhstan region “Orleu” in order to organize effective cooperation in the field of educational and methodological support, and teachers of the region took an active part.

The framework of the master class was relevant to reduce the gap in the quality of education between rural and urban schools, activate the work of specialized specialists, support rural teachers and provide an opportunity to exchange innovative and effective experience.

This event was aimed at supporting teachers of educational organizations of the region, spreading the effective experience of the best teachers, increasing the prestige of rural teachers in society, identifying and supporting creative teachers. During the master class, our teachers shared their experience in the field of teaching the subject, proved their skills in linguistic analysis of the artistic text, revealing the image of the author in the text, and developing reading skills through the text.

At the end of the event, the draft recommendations were adopted, and our active colleagues were awarded letters of thanks.

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