The focus is on the work of the online center

A group of students of the course on the program “Digital Education in the United States” at Universities and educational center’s of the USA visited the Department of Education of the State of Iowa. The meeting was productive and interesting. Tiffany Morgan, a representative of the Department, in her review of education projects, made the focus on the work of the online center.

When the world did not yet know about COVID-19 and did not suspect that a worldwide epidemic could occur, the state Department of Education has already introduced online courses in order to attract experienced teachers to teach students living in remote areas. This experience was very useful and proved to be in demand during the pandemic, when all schools switched to distance learning. Currently, the Department supports the work of the website of the Distance Learning Center, where didactic materials for conducting lessons have been developed for teachers, as well as course material for classes in online format is posted. The standard of training is determined at the state level. In addition, an expert group carries out the development of course materials. The University of Iowa trains teachers and school administrators. Much attention is paid to inclusive education here. For example, for students who are homeschooled, it is proposed to use a robot that will represent them in class. Also, the University teachers shared with the guests their experience in compiling distance learning programs.

L. B. Petrova, Senior lecturer at the Institute

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