Profitability of professional development

“JSC” “NCPC “” orleu “” conducts advanced training courses for teachers of physics and Natural Sciences on the topic “” ensuring the continuity of the content of Natural Science and physics” ” offline on the basis of KDI in North Kazakhstan region.”

The content of the course examines the main directions and principles of state policy in the secondary education system, the possibility of using multifunctional programs GoogleDrive, ClassTime, Kahoot, Leairningapps, Padlet aimed at improving Soft skills in the learning process, ways to integrate innovative processes and opportunities in STEM education in practice. 

The advanced training course is developed through such types of work as seminars, field practical classes, and demo classes.

The effectiveness of the course is that field practical classes are conducted in order to continue cooperation and disseminate the experience of the best teachers at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of the IEB direction in Petropavlovsk.

Students ‘ practice-oriented classes discussed the development of critical thinking of the individual in the process of design activities, the role of STEM education in the formation of functional literacy of students and ways to integrate topics in practice in the content of organizing research work in the lessons “Natural Science” and “physics” using virtual laboratories. At the same time, they master practical works aimed at developing tasks for solving Pisa and other international research tasks, integrating PISA tasks into the educational process through Group and individual work.

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