Preschool education  in  Kostanay region: achievements and trends in development

Today, the director  of  Kostanay  branch  of  “Orleu” Marionella  Slesar  took part  in the congress  of teachers  of  preschool learning and upbringing  “Preschool education  in  Kostanay region: achievements and trends in development”, which was held in  the  Social and Humanitarian college in Rudny.

Important topics of preschool education were presented in the reports of the speakers: the development of preschool learning and upbringing  in Kostanay region, assessment of  the quality of  preschool education, effective methods  and problems of studying  the Kazakh language by children of preschool age,  improving the professionalism  of  employees from  preschool institutions  of  the region.

At  the plenary session  Marionella  Slesar  spoke  on  the topic “A teacher in preschool education: from  tradition  to innovation”, where she told the participants  in detail about the programs of advanced training courses for managers, methodologists, and educators of preschool organizations. And  also presented  the  portfolio of   the learner, created  by the national center for advanced training “Orleu.”

Within the framework of the congress, the exhibition “Preschool Education of the Kostanay Region: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” was held in four areas “Games Workshop,” “From Idea to Result,” “Innovations  into Practice,” “Inclusion as Territory  of    Success”, a plenary meeting and sections  on topical issues.

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