The first lesson of courage

“The first lesson of courage” under this name was the defense of the practical work of the teachers-organizers of the NVTP.

a new and important task of military-patriotic education of students is to instill love for the Motherland, the desire to serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces, raising the prestige of military service. Consequently, the development of professional competencies of teachers-organizers of the NWTP is an important link in the military-patriotic education of the younger generation. From February 7 to February 18, 2022, PC courses were held for teachers-organizers of initial military and technological training.

The regulatory and legal block was presented by the head of the “Orleu” branch of the North Kazakhstan Region, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Murzalinova A.Zh.

Also, for the effective implementation of advanced training courses, teachers are invited: 

– Candidate of Military Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Associate Professor Kirichenko A.I.;

– teacher of the cycle of special disciplines of the military Department of the M.Kozybayev SKU, Master, reserve Major Yensegenov R.T.;

– coach, senior lecturer of the branch of JSC NCPC “Orleu” in the Almaty region Stambekov E.B.;

– Methodist NVP KSU “Regional training and methodological center for physical culture, sports and NVP” KSU “the Administration of education of akimat of North Kazakhstan region” Ailing V. N.;

– presented his author’s program “Psycho-physical training of young men for service in the army “March” Chairman of the Council of pedagogical ethics, teacher-organizer NWTP KSU “Bestolka school №3” Kangozhin A. K.

Value-oriented, activity-oriented, personality-oriented, communicative approaches were used to strengthen the priority of the system of learning goals and the results of the educational process, which was reflected in the educational program and successfully brought to the audience.

As a result, a group of listeners Zhumukov M.S., Surgutsky D.O., Seipetdenov S.S., Krasovsky A.A., Kovalev S.V. carried out successful project work on the topic “Modern approaches to the formation of Kazakhstani patriotism”, where a model of a real effective mechanism for patriotic education was investigated and presented.

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