Multilingual and multicultural education – the path to peaceful and sustainable development

Within the framework of the OSCE HCNM Central Asian Education Program (OSCE HCNM CAEP), in September-December 2021, a Regional competition of didactic and methodological developments “Multilingual and multicultural education – the path to peaceful and sustainable development” was organized.

The purpose of the competition was to promote and develop multilingual and multicultural education based on the native language by improving the scientific and methodological support of the educational process and stimulating the professional development of teachers.

The competition was held in cooperation with the Orleu branch in Almaty, the city scientific and methodological center of new technologies in education of the Education Department of Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republican Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Pedagogical Workers under the Ministry of Education and Science and the Center for Social Integration Kyrgyzstan, the Institute of Education under the Ministry of Education of Mongolia and the Academy of Education of Tajikistan. The jury also included experts from Georgia, Moldova and Estonia.

About 400 people from five countries took part in the development of competitive materials: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Competitive works were performed in 7 languages: Russian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, English, Tajik, Uzbek and Mongolian.

Senior teacher of the Department “Preschool and primary education” Turkistan Oblast and Shymkent City Branch of Orleu National Centre for professional Development, JSCMakhbuzaMussayeva took part in the competition with the author’s program and received a certificate. (diploma) of the 1st degree.

As a result of the competition, the best materials will be summarized for further improvement of regional and network cooperation on issues of multilingual and multicultural education.

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