Discussion of the professional standard “Teacher” project

           An informational and explanatory webinar on the introduction of the Professional standard “Teacher”, developed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was held in the branch of the National Center for Advanced Training “Orleu” in the Karaganda region. The webinar on the Zoom platform was attended by heads of city and district departments of education, specialists of methodological offices, heads of organizations of preschool, secondary, technical and vocational education, employees of the Department of Education, the Department for Quality Assurance in the field of Education of the Karaganda region, employees of the Institute, a total of about 200 teachers.                                                                                                                                                                                                           During the webinar, Acting Director of the Institute Zhetpisbayeva M. A. and senior lecturer of the Institute Mukusheva M.A. introduced the participants to the main content areas of the Professional Standard of the new generation, comparing it with the standard developed in 2017.                                                                                       The new professional standard will determine the basics of the educational training programs of the “teacher” of the new generation,                                              – opportunities for professional development and continuous professional training of a teacher;                                                                                                                            – to determine the priorities of retraining specialists in other fields of activity;                                                                                                                                                             – to organize the practice of education / upbringing and training of teachers, professional commitment, support of public trust and respect;                                               – allows you to develop the leadership of a teacher in training / education and upbringing in the professional community.  And also, the new professional standard will allow defining a common understanding of the professional competencies of a teacher, will become a reference point for developers of educational programs for training, retraining and advanced training of teachers.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Following the results of the webinar, the heads of educational organizations discussed the information provided and offered their recommendations.

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