Multilingual education in pre-school organizations in Almaty

As part of the implementation of a joint project with the OSCE HCNM on the methodology of multilingual education and upbringing in preschool organizations in Almaty, 10 pilot sites are functioning.

The other day, international experts – Atanasia Petrovna Stoyanova, Gulnaz Sairova and senior teacher of Orleu-Almaty, international coach Victoria Kaidakova, head of the department of preschool Education of the city methodological center Gulbanu Kakenovna attended an open lesson at kindergarten № 34. The language circle was organized and conducted according to all the requirements of the program and was highly appreciated by those present. The children demonstrated high language skills, freely discussed the weather in a second language, participated in games, and made statements in whole sentences. All those present noted the systematic, fruitful work of the educator Nustanbayeva Bakhtygul Satybaldievna, the comprehensive support of the initiatives and professional growth of the head Mustapayeva Guldan Tulegenovna, the methodologist Abdulova Meruert Moldagaliev

Multilingual education in preschool organizations of the city of Almaty After the lesson, a discussion of the problems and needs of organizations participating in the project took place. It was attended by specialists of the City methodical office of the head of kindergarten №34, methodologists of kindergartens № 152, № 125, № 131, № 34 and the project coordinator is a senior lecturer of the FAO “NCPC “Orleu” IPR in Almaty.

A work plan was drawn up for pilot organizations to make up for lost time in the post-COVID period.

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