Everyone is always interested in the level of professional development of teachers. After all, everything depends on the quality of pedagogical activity: from the fate of the child to the fate of the country.

The direction of activity of NPC” orleu ” is the continuous professional development of teachers, which has replaced professional development, displaces traditional methodological work and is based on glocalization (global thinking – local business).  

After all, teaching a teacher in courses (albeit on a regular basis) and active participation in competitions, conferences and forums do not guarantee academic success of students. 

The positive dynamics of the quality of students ‘ knowledge can support the ever-improving learning of a teacher who does not stop improving. Bonus dux bonum reddit militem!

“But for NPR it is necessary to change approaches, and we are doing this in “”Ascension””.” Thus, for individual learning through monitoring, we identify changing challenges and needs of teachers; for targeted learning, we have updated more than 100 educational programs; for effective learning, we have implemented the concept of constructive engagement in educational programs; for future learning, we have developed new mentoring programs for novice teachers, school management teams, and university teachers…

Training for the purpose of NPR prompted a review of Post-course support for adult teachers. First of all, it is the research practice of Lesson study and action research, after returning to its organization, the teacher develops and tests new ways to improve teaching, teaching and evaluation in collaboration with colleagues. 

In practice-research, it is necessary to specify service models. At the same time, samples of someone else’s actions are not the best, although other colleagues are sometimes better, perhaps better. But it is better to show examples of your actions, because it is precisely in your work that you are more immersed, you pass everything through yourself, so it is better for students. A person who does not do his own research cannot be a good teacher. 

The results of the study show that the teacher is interested in his research article, which, due to the dialectic of development, pushes him to new searches…

Competitions, conferences and forums with the participation of research teachers will be interesting, rich and professional, and certification (especially in accordance with the new rules!)- not with an assessment of the number of portfolio documents and a complex test, but with confirmation of the teacher’s educational growth.

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