Translation of the Kazakh alphabet into Latin graphics: problems and prospects

Orleu-Aktobe discussed the new Kazakh alphabet, which is one of the prerequisites for globalization and modernization, and scientists and linguists shared their views on Latin graphics, an important decision for the future of the country.

In the course of the regional seminar, the Institute of Linguistics named after Ahmet Baitursynov, Doctor of Philology, Professor B.K Momynova explained the proposed design of symbols for writing and spelling in the Kazakh newspaper of the early twentieth century.  G.N Tulegenova, methodologist of the Center for Language Learning of the Aktobe regional department of language development, spoke at length about the choice of diacritical marks in the improved alphabet.

During the event, teachers from the country of the great teacher of the nation – Kozhakhmetova B.K / Kostanay region, Karabalyk district, Stationary school /, G.M. Mirash / Kostanay, №27 school /, A.T. Satbayeva / Kostanay region, Fedorov  district, Lenin school / and experienced teachers of the region – N.B Altynbayeva / Temir district, Shubarkuduk gymnasium /, G.U Sulekenova / Aktobe, № 56 school /, N.B Amanova / Aktobe Humanitarian College /  He shared his views on the social, spiritual and cultural significance of the new alphabet.

The moderator of the event, methodologist, Master of Humanities M.T Adilkhanova, summing up the seminar, noted the main issues raised during the discussion.

M.T. Adilkhanova

 Methodist, master

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