Mentoring and mentoring in the education system

On February 25th, the  international educational teleconference “Mentoring and mentoring in the education system” was held. The teleconference was organized as part of the work plan of the International Methodological Center “Academy of Pedagogical Excellence: Skills of the XXIst Century”   to expand the professional communication  on  the issues  of  mentoring  in the context of the educational policy of the IMC partner regions.

Specialists  of  the system of  additional  vocational education, pedagogues of all categories,users  of effective pedagogical practices  took  part in the conference. From Kostanay  region there  were speakers:  K.V. Potapova, E.V. Gorbunova, A.S. Baymenova, Gnuchaya  O.S. –  teachers from school – gymnasium  in  Lisakovsk, V.V. Ivanova,  a primary school teacher from  Denisovskaya comprehensive school No. 2 in  Denisovsky district.

The educational teleconference has contributed to the study and expansion of mentoring and mentoring practices in the education of Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus. The participants reviewed the best experience of implementing regional models of mentoring into education, and discussed new ideas and work models.

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