Development of professional ICT competence of teachers

On January 24, 2022, a methodological seminar on the topic was held at the National Center for Advanced Training “Orleu” in East Kazakhstan region: “Development of professional ICT competence of subject teachers in mastering the skills of videography of lessons”, the purpose of which was to develop the competencies of teachers in the field of design, videography, installation and application of educational audiovisual materials in the organization of educational activities of students.

A tour of the “Teacher’s House” with a visit to the museum of “Pedagogical Glory”, the offices of “MakerSpace”, “Self-knowledge”, video studio, “Montessori”, EMC, information and methodological center was organized for the participants of the seminar.

The master classes showed the great possibilities of the MakerSpace video studio and workshop for creating educational video content, developing STEM lessons and organizing research work in science lessons.

All participants received certificates and the periodical journal of the Institute “Pedagogical Bulletin”. The audience thanked the organizers and noted the high practical significance of the seminar.

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