Lesson in partnership

On February 23, 2022, a joint lesson of a teacher and a coach in the Kazakh language (9th grade, the theme “Шұғаның белгісі”) was held at the Parasat lyceum school within the framework of the project “Lesson in partnership between Orleu and the school”.

This lesson was organized and conducted by the teacher of the Kazakh language and literature A. Kulatayeva and the senior teacher of the “Orleu” branch of the North Kazakhstan Region Gulzat Alzhanova.

As part of the lesson, it was shown that the joint activity of the teacher and the coach consists in their professionalism, novelty and the influence of a close relationship on the steps for an effective learning process. The coach noted the high level of post-course support of the teacher, the integration of new pedagogical ideas and technologies into the learning process and the provision of rational moments to improve the quality of education.

Within the framework of a joint lesson, it is planned to take into account the age characteristics, interests and cognitive abilities of students. Various active methods and techniques of lesson planning, tasks that increase the interest of students, and the effective use of ICT tools are reflected at a high level. 

The event organized by the project was attended by the head of the district Department of Education S. Eleukina, representatives of the school administration and teachers.

This project is aimed at bridging the gap between urban and rural schools and implementing joint activities of a coach and a teacher.

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