Modern strategy of teaching philologists

Today, one of the main tasks of advanced training courses is to encourage purposeful personal and professional growth of a teacher. After all, professional development is both the improvement of specific knowledge, and the formation of professional skills in solving practical problems, and improving the quality of education in general.

Russian Russian language and literature teachers’ courses on the topic “Development of professional competencies of a teacher of Russian language and literature” started on March 9. During the course preparation, issues related to the renewal of philological education were considered:

– development of monologue and dialogic speech based on algorithms;

– formation of a literate reader based on semantic reading strategies;

– development of the skill of writing various types of essays (narrative, descriptive, reasoning, reasoned, etc.);

– formation of listening skills based on working with authentic text.

The effectiveness of the courses is the analysis of modern trends in education (pedagogical design, creation of an environment of mental well–being, theory of generations, formation of a system of flexible soft skills).

The more teachers understand how to improve their teaching practices, the more they contribute to the effectiveness of teaching.

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