The child’s right to protection from bullying at school

The topic of bullying is an urgent and very common problem in children’s groups. According to UN estimates, globally, every second child aged 2-17 years faces violence in one form or another every year. Bullying generates numerous destructive phenomena and consequences.
To discuss this topic, a republican seminar was held on the basis of the Aktobe – Orleu Institute. The issues of psychological and legal assistance to children subjected to bullying were discussed.
The speakers were A.Ibraeva, lawyer of the NGO “Kadir-Kasiyet”, G.Nur-Sultan, B.Munbayev, Deputy. Director of OSH No.69 Almaty, A. Makhambetova Secretary of the Commission on Juvenile Affairs and Protection of Rights under the Akimat of Aktobe, A. Samal, psychologist SHG No.136Kyzyl-Ordy, N. Iskhakova, lawyer of “Daris”, E.Shukurova, member of the Commission on Women’s Affairs under the Akim of the region.
During the seminar, L. Otarbayeva presented the Estonian experience of bullying prevention in the children’s environment following the results of the international internship “Bolashak”, the seminar participants noted that they are increasingly turning to issues of tolerance and resistance to aggression.
Aktobe-Orleu has planned a number of seminars on this topic. We thank the speakers and participants!

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