Polylogue with new perspectives

For the first time, a large-scale online MEETING of the Central Office of the NCPC “Orleu” with the heads of Education Departments and regional methodological services took place. Directors of 17 branches of “Orleu” took part.

The content of the polylogue was determined by the speech of the Chairman of the Board ASEL MUKHAMETZHANOVA, accompanied by a presentation (https://drive.google.com/…/1DIlhbulnO8eVdqdrVZA…/view …).

Of course, the QUESTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS voiced by the leaders helped to detail the difficulties and needs in regional education, the quality of which, as is known, determines the policy and quality of the national education system.

Professional development in “Orleu” today is not only courses, contests, webinars…  This is a complex, systematic and multi-vector work, pointwise aimed at the professional development of the teacher and, consequently, at the creation by each teacher in each educational organization of an ENVIRONMENT of ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS.

THE DISCUSSED PROBLEM-THEMATIC FIELD: the quality of educational programs of course preparation, the availability of courses for a variety of categories of teaching staff at all levels of education, professional and social responsibility of students during courses, strengthening aspects of semantic pedagogy and value education in the content of courses, the relevance of methodological recommendations developed in “Orleu” and provided to teachers, the use of reviews of country international studies, professional skill competitions from “Orleu”, methodological support of teachers in certification procedures, openness of educational institutions through the work of websites and activity in social networks CONFIRMS: resources, tools and mechanisms for professional development should be effective, interactive, valid…

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