World and domestic experience of ecological education of students 

In order to discuss problems and promising areas for the formation of environmental education skills of rural school students, to identify and disseminate the experience of teachers, on May 27, 2022, the National Center “Orleu” for East Kazakhstan Region together with the Department of Education of East Kazakhstan Region held an international webinar on the topic: “Formation of skills of environmental education of rural school students” with the participation of countries: France, Indonesia, Hungary, Russia, where more than 120 people took part: managers, scientists, teaching staff and specialists of universities, branches of JSC NCPC “Orleu”, heads and specialists of regional departments of education, RC “Shygys” UO East Kazakhstan region, KGKP “Educational and Research Ecobiocenter” Ust-Kamenogorsk, methodologists of the rai (mountains) departments of education, overseeing the work of environmental education of students, representatives of public organizations, deputy directors of VR, teachers of rural schools and other interested persons.
The welcoming speech was delivered by Gauhar Zhumanova, director of the Institute of Professional Development in the East Kazakhstan region, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, she noted that environmental problems are becoming more urgent every year, today humanity faces the question of the need to change its attitude to nature and ensure appropriate upbringing and education of a new generation.
Scientists from Russia Dmitry Vorobyov, MD, Professor, Vice-President of the International Academy of Safety and Life Sciences (MANEB), Director of the Center for Medical Innovations of Dr. Vorobyov D. V., St. Petersburg and Elena Bykova, PhD, Corresponding member of the International Academy of Safety and Life Sciences (MANEB), Director of ANO “Center for Information Development “Genesis”, Samara presented the program of additional education “School of Ecoprophylaxis” and showed its relevance for participants in the educational process.
Stefan Zolotareff, PhD, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Safety and Life Sciences (MANEB), President of the French Branch of MANEB, Director of the University of Higher Studies in Mathematical Psychology (EHEPM), Paris, France, focused the attention of the participants on the relevance of the use of motivational psychoanalysis in the educational process and ecoprophylaxis of school stress.
Natalia Akhayeva, Director of the KSU “Valeological Specialized School-complex for gifted Children” of the Higher Educational Institution of East Kazakhstan Region, Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, academician of APNK and MANEB shared her experience in the formation of an ecological culture of personality through the implementation of innovative research activities in the system of preschool and primary school education, where she presented a children’s cognitive video release “Valeoshka in the country of Ecolandia”.
The role of schools in the implementation of the circular economy was revealed by Anar Karibayeva, a master’s student in International Relations at Etwos Laurent University (ELTE) in Budapest, Hungary.
Anatoly Tsyganov, director of the KGKP “Educational and Research Ecobiocenter”, Ust-Kamenogorsk, PhD, Professor of the RAE, East Kazakhstan Region, presented the experience of the ecological and educational activities of the Ecobiocenter and close cooperation with the branch and educational organizations of the region in this area.
Nia Mariana Syahrani, an English teacher from Indonesia, shared about environmental education at the Amalina School.
During the event, the heads and teachers of the schools of Katon-Karagay, Beskaragay, Kurchum, Borodulikhinsky, Glubokovsky and Altai districts (Dzhumagulova A.K., Ibraeva G. M., Zakariyanova Z. K., Yuldasheva O. V., Makarova N. V., Kuznetsova I. G.) shared their experience and discussed with the participants of the webinar problems and promising areas of formation of environmental education skills of rural school students.
At the end, the participants thanked the organizers for the development of professional competencies of teachers through acquaintance with international and domestic experience in the formation of environmental education skills of students and wished creative success.

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