Studying complex topics of subjects of the primary school curriculum

How to develop tasks for younger schoolchildren in the context of TIMSS and PIRLS research, what are the features of the methodology of studying the set in elementary school and studying fractions in grades 3-4, what is the essence of the ability and skills of solving logical and combinatorial problems – these and other questions primary school teachers could find answers to by improving their qualifications in distance learning in the period from February 14-25, 2022 on the topic “Studying complex topics of subjects of the primary school curriculum” in the branch of the National Center for Advanced Training “Orleu” in the North Kazakhstan region.

Online training in the form of both individual and group training was accompanied by practical classes where students had the opportunity to share their experiences. The regular performance of the student’s independent work, which was formatted daily not only by the teacher, but also by colleagues, helped to clarify the results of their work and adjust subsequent actions.

In order to further improve the skills in the application of IT technologies, students at the online forum worked with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Free Conference, BlueJeans, etc.

The teachers who have replenished their knowledge demonstrated at the defense of the mini-lesson, where they were able to show competence in planning a short-term plan in the aspect of studying complex topics of subjects of the primary school curriculum.

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