We form the key competencies of students through the development of Soft Skills

Kostanay branch “Өrleu” held a training webinar for subject teachers on the topic “Drawing up a soft skills development plan to form key competencies of students”.

The topic is relevant, today each teacher must have the professional skills to develop soft skills of  his students.

At  the webinar  the trainer of  Kostanay  branch  Galia Zhusupova gave  practical recommendations to colleagues how to plan  a lesson  for  the development of  soft skills. Teachers discussed the areas of work, criteria and approaches to the development of  students’  soft  skills. They were  learning  to draw up a plan for developing the flexible skills of their students to form key competencies and discussed the difficulties faced in this work.

An  indicator of  effective work was  the  grateful  feedbacks from  the participants in the webinar.

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