Organization of course training of labor teachers

Currently, the key questions in education are how to methodically competently design the learning process so that students feel successful in the XXI century? and what is the most effective way to teach this? These questions have become guidelines for the organization and conduct of course training of teachers of art work.

From January 17 to January 28, teachers of the region (more than 30 people) analyzed the principles of designing and implementing the educational process on the subject of “Artistic work” in a dialogue with the tutor Istomina N.S. on the basis of the branch of Orleu-SKO.

The courses allowed teachers to understand the current issues of education:

– How to design the educational process based on a technological approach?

– How to use case technology, facilitation technology, Singapore method of cooperative learning in art work lessons?

– How to create tasks for the formation of functional literacy among schoolchildren?

– How to develop research skills? Through what methods and techniques of teaching?

– How to use B. Bloom’s taxonomy in art work lessons?

– What is the specifics of using formative assessment in art work lessons?

The effectiveness of courses is an analysis of modern educational trends (Smart learning, educational robotics, learning outside the classroom, social media, gamification, STEAM education, adaptive learning, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), mobile and blended learning). They allowed teachers to take a fresh look at the design of the lesson using information and communication technologies.

The more teachers understand how learning happens and how they can improve their teaching practice, the more they contribute to the effectiveness of learning.

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