The development of the debate movement in the MCS

On March 29, 2022, a regional on-line seminar on the topic was held at the Teacher’s House in the East Kazakhstan region: “Development of the debate movement in the Moscow School of Economics”, where 120 teachers took part. For the purposes of mutual cooperation, a memorandum was signed in the person of the Director of the Institute, G. S. Zhumanova, with the SAMGA Development Center in the person of Director A. K. Konilkhan. The parties determine the areas of mutual cooperation for conducting joint training seminars, tournaments, conferences and other events for the development of the debate movement. During the seminar, speaker N. E. Shaizanova, Development Director, Debate and public speaking coach of the SAMGA Development Center, focused the attention of teachers on the basic principles and formats of debates, and also revealed their advantages. Teachers of Ayagoz, Altai, Borodulikhinsky, Glubokovsky, Kurchum, Urdzhar and Tarbagatai districts shared their experience on the proposed topic. The complex of the affected problems caused alive.

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