Student Achievement through Gamification and Game-Based Learning

Working in modern school requires completely new approach in organization of learning and teaching process. At the seminar “Student Achievement through Gamification and Game-Based Learning”, conducted January, 12, 2023 English teachers got the answers to the main question of today’s teaching -“Gamification in Education – WHY? HOW?” The main problems in modern education are related to the lack of engagement and motivation of students to participate actively in the learning process. 🖊️Because of that, teachers are in constant search use of new techniques and approaches to provoke students’ activity and motivate them to participate in training.📚Game techniques and mechanisms can be implemented in the learning process as activities which purpose is to achieve certain learning objectives, increase learners’ motivation to complete them and engage students in a friendly competitive environment with other learners. Gamification is an effective approach to make positive change in students’ behaviour and attitude towards learning, to improve their motivation and engagement. The results of the change have bilateral nature – they can affect students’ results and understanding of the educational content and create conditions for an effective learning process.

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