Author: Адиль Ануарович Нуртазин

Integrated educational program

Within the framework of the project “Lesson in partnership of Orleu and school”, senior teacher of the North Kazakhstan branch of “Orleu” Ilyasova Akmaral Shatikovna together with the English teacher of Beskolskaya secondary school No. 2 of Kyzylzhar district Sadbaeva Gulmere Serikova developed and conducted an integrated lesson of natural science and English in the […]

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A promising partnership of the highest order

For the current conditions of large-scale educational reforms, it is important to work in partnership. Orleu-SKO, thanks to the International Methodological Center “Academy of Pedagogical Excellence: skills of the XXI century” (membership since 2020) actively, meaningfully and creatively develops partnership. This means the participation of the Orleu team and teachers of the North Kazakhstan Region […]

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Lesson in Partnership

How to make a literature lesson interesting and attractive? How to motivate modern students to read and analyze the text? How can a student translate their “object of learning” category into the “subject of learning” category? These issues are solved through the introduction of a strategic approach to teaching reading in the educational process. Within […]

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Mentoring is a generational bond

Mentoring is a generational bond that needs to be maintained and strengthened. And mentoring in pedagogical dynasties is a special form of strengthening the interest of novice teachers in the study of advanced technologies, teaching methods, expanding the range of pedagogical communication, continuous professional development.  On December 9, 2021, the regional Mentors Forum “Altyn Kory” […]

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New horizons of cooperation

On 11/29/2021, a new Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Department of Education of the North Kazakhstan Region and the regional Branch of Orleu, represented by the new head N. Zhashibekov and the director of the Branch A.Murzalinova. In the context of this Agreement, a Joint Activity Plan for 2022 was signed. The implementation of […]

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Summing up the results of the regional festival-competition

On November 25, 2021, the awarding ceremony of the winners and winners of the regional festival-competition “Zhuzden Zhuirik” for teachers of Kazakh, Russian and English languages, dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the USSR, took place in the branch of “Orleu” in North Kazakhstan region. Altynsarina, 175th anniversary of Zh. Zhabaev. The leading idea of […]

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An exemplary and exemplary teacher

On November 22, 2021, the National Center for advanced training” Orleu “summed up the results of the regional competition” Onegeli Ustaz “(the best project of teachers teaching the subject” self-knowledge”). The goal is to identify and disseminate effective pedagogical experience in the implementation of the spiritual and moral education program” self-knowledge”.    The competition was […]

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