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Development of digital competencies of teachers

According to the plan “Aktobe – Orleu”  on January 12, 2022, a regional seminar on “Development of digital competencies of teachers” was organized. The seminar was attended by subject teachers, primary school teachers, educators of preschool organizations.  The seminar covered the methods of using digital technologies in the educational process, improving the quality of education […]

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Integrated educational program

Within the framework of the project “Lesson in partnership of Orleu and school”, senior teacher of the North Kazakhstan branch of “Orleu” Ilyasova Akmaral Shatikovna together with the English teacher of Beskolskaya secondary school No. 2 of Kyzylzhar district Sadbaeva Gulmere Serikova developed and conducted an integrated lesson of natural science and English in the […]

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A promising partnership of the highest order

For the current conditions of large-scale educational reforms, it is important to work in partnership. Orleu-SKO, thanks to the International Methodological Center “Academy of Pedagogical Excellence: skills of the XXI century” (membership since 2020) actively, meaningfully and creatively develops partnership. This means the participation of the Orleu team and teachers of the North Kazakhstan Region […]

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The work of veterans of the advanced training system and teaching staff was noted

The 30th anniversary of our country’s independence has brought together not only the solemnity and honor of those working in the field of education, but also those who created the history of today.  There are many good and important traditions in the history and corporate culture of “Orleu”, one of which is the succession of […]

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