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Development of digital competencies of teachers

According to the plan “Aktobe – Orleu”  on January 12, 2022, a regional seminar on “Development of digital competencies of teachers” was organized. The seminar was attended by subject teachers, primary school teachers, educators of preschool organizations.  The seminar covered the methods of using digital technologies in the educational process, improving the quality of education […]

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Active authors of the journal were awarded

In honor of the 30th anniversary of independence in “Orleu” Almaty on December 14, a meeting was held with active authors of the informational-methodical magazine “Almaty Ustazy”.2006 Peruza Asylbek, editor-in-chief of the history of the republican informational-methodical journal “Almaty Ustazy // Teacher of Almaty”, made a brief overview of the history of the journal. In […]

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