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Development of digital competencies of teachers

According to the plan “Aktobe – Orleu”  on January 12, 2022, a regional seminar on “Development of digital competencies of teachers” was organized. The seminar was attended by subject teachers, primary school teachers, educators of preschool organizations.  The seminar covered the methods of using digital technologies in the educational process, improving the quality of education […]

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Implamentation of the lesson study into school practice

December 7, Zhambyl «Orleu»  held a republican practical seminar on the topic: «Lesson study is the basis for developing the experience of a teacher». During the event, the coordinator of partner schools for the research work of Guliz Abdykadyrov of school-gymnasium №78 of  Nur-Sultan city spoke on the topic: «Effectiveness of joint work in developing […]

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Montessori and inclusion

Senior teachers of the Zhambyl «Оrleu»  Madina Sadibekova and Magira Sopbekova held a regional on-line workshop on the topic «Application of the Montessori system in working with preschool children with special educational needs». The event was attended by teachers of preschool organizations of Taraz, Nur-Sultan, Bayzak, Merke, Shu districts. The event showed the importance of […]

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Lesson study: focus group organized

For the purpose of joint professional development, the senior teacher Zhambyl «Оrleu», master of philology Karymbayeva Sagadat on the basis of secondary school № 54 Taraz created a focus group. Sagadat Meirambaevna was approved by the moderator of the focus group «Ushkyn»  and members of the group were identified, a secretary, an expert and observers […]

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Teachers of the republic shared their experience

One of the features in the content of the instructional and methodological letter «On the peculiarities of the organization of the educational process in secondary education organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the 2021-2022 school year» is the improvement of work with poorly performing students. Based on this letter, the senior lecturer Zhambyl “Orleu” […]

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